Drunken Fist Episodes

S1E3 – Types of Martial Arts

In this episode of the Drunken Fist Podcast, Justin and David discuss different types of martial arts and look into the reason why they practice the arts that they currently do. [0:39] David introduces the topic of the show. [1:41] David notes that he's giving Great...

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S1E2 – Our Worst and Favorite Martial Artists

In this episode of Drunken Fist, David and Justin discuss the worst and the best martial artists they've known. [0:21] David barely starts the show before he can express his dislike for Great Lakes Brewing Company's Edmund Fitzgerald Porter. [4:02] Justin introduces...

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S1E1 – Martial Arts and Alcohol

In this episode of Drunken Fist, David and Justin talk about how this podcast came to be, and their thoughts on whether or not alcohol should be consumed by martial artists. [2:13] Justin explains the Genesis of the Drunken Fist Podcast. [7:09] Justin talks a little...

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