S1E10 – Our 10 Funniest Moments in Martial Arts

In this episode of the Drunken Fist Podcast, Justin and David celebrate the 10th episode by reflecting on 10 of their funniest moments in martial arts.

[0:53] Justin geeks out over the fact that this is the 10th episode of the Drunken Fist martial arts podcast.

[1:42] When David asks how Justin is doing, Justin whines about how the summer was very short and thinking about going back to work as a social studies school teacher.

[2:02] Justin shares how for the 10th episode he is drinking a Guinness, and David mocks him in his nasal tone that he has become known for.

[2:42] Not to be outdone by Justin’s lack of originality, David shares that he is drinking a Brewdog Cocoa Psycho Imperial Russian Stout.

[3:51] Justin excitedly asks if David selected the 10% abv. beer in celebration of the 10th episode. David, missing a fantastic opportunity to make something up and say “yes,” he admits to his lameness and says that it was just a coincidence. Of course, David would never admit if he coordinated drinking a 10% abv. beer in honor of the 10th episode, as he would like for Justin to look like the only one geeking out about such things.

[4:35] Justin announces that for the 10th episode, there is a drinking game involved with this episode. Any time that Justin makes David laugh, David must take a drink. Any time that David makes Justin laugh, Justin takes a drink.

[6:19] Moments after announcing the drinking game, Justin makes David laugh.

[7:01] In hopes of leveling the playing field, or a thinly disguised reason to drink more, David introduces his own drinking rule. David makes the rule that at the end of each story, both must take a drink.

[8:46] Justin shares his first story of the episode involving Justin was holding a board for a Taekwondo martial artist.

[10:15] David takes a drink for silently laughing at Justin’s story.

[11:36] David shares a story of teaching a Kindergarten class.

[14:01] Justin laughs at David’s story and remarks about how David was teaching the next generation of Bruce Lee.

[18:21] Justin tells a tale about a moment in time when he practiced Judo.

[19:52] David laughs at Justin’s misfortune.

[21:14] David gives the details of two sparring students.

[22:28] Justin laughs and drinks as he compares David’s story to The Karate Kid.

[25:08] Justin tells the story about “The Taco Bell Guy.”

[26:51] While telling the story, Justin admits that, while he may gross many people out by saying this, he LOVES Taco Bell and will even eat that sober.

[28:24] David laughs at Justin’s predicament in the story.

[29:46] David shares a story about a kick that he took that he thought would impress someone, but sadly learned that no one cared about how he took a kick.

[36:02] Justin could not laugh at David’s story because it “hit” too close to home for him.

[39:03] Justin shares the story of the time when he “connected” with his wife (who was his girlfriend at the time).

[39:21] David chuckled at Justin’s story.

[41:56] David shares his story of when he was invited to sit on a black belt grading board.

[54:22] Justin completely misses the point of David’s story.

[54:39] Justin tells the story of how he met his wife.

[59:00] David tells his story of how his student did not realize that David was teaching slow and went full reactionary and made David bleed.

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