S1E11 – Working With Difficult Martial Arts Students

Justin and David discuss their experiences in working with difficult students. They talk about their experiences, offer help to each other on how to handle the situations, and offer general advice to teachers.

[0:34] Justin was almost able to say the intro without screwing up.

[1:10] David thanked those fan who joined the Society of Drunken Fans as their support helped Justin to upgrade his microphone. This then led to David professing his jealousy and desire to upgrade his microphone.

[3:09] Justin shows to David a new teaching technique that he recently learned at a school meeting that happened recently.

[3:50] David shares that he’s drinking DankeChain an Oktoberfest style beer from the West Sixth Brewing in Lexington, Kentucky.

[6:02] Justin shares how he went to Total Wine in Arizona and purchased New Belgium’s Hemperor HPA. Justin seemed to be really into it, and continued to remark how it has a skunky taste to it – but in a good way. After some research done after recording the episode, the unique flavor has a little to do with New Belgium integrating hemp terpenes to give the “extremely dank” flavor.

[8:14] Both Justin and David damn the skunky taste the Heineken in the U.S. tends to have. Then David goes on this long rant about how and why some beers can come to earn this skunky, off-putting flavor.

[11:56] When talking about how some people have come to associate and even have a taste for skunky Heineken, Justin relates that with his taste and LOVE for Taco Bell (as we learned about in the 10th episode of Justin and David’s funniest moments in martial arts).

[14:28] David introduces the topic of this episode: Working with Difficult Martial Arts Students.

[16:28] Justin declares that he’s an alien robot (the Hemperor must be a really good beer 😉 ).

[16:14] Justin comes back to Earth and shares a story about a student, “Bob,” that was a little heavy-handed in class.

[21:13] David asks Justin for his thoughts on how he could have done differently for “Bob.”

[23:04] Justin asks David how he would have worked with “Bob.”

[26:12] David transitions into talking about one of his challenges teaching many students who do not want to learn martial arts.

[28:11] David asks Justin how he would work with the challenges that David has teaching five or so students that need more attention than others.

[37:39] Justin suggests talking with the students to learn what they want from the class.

[38:24] David suggests building rapport with as many students as possible, as it has served him well in demanding situations.

[41:38] David transitions into another story of his own, not being cognizant of the fact that Justin has only shared one story up to this point.

[51:13] Justin shares a story of working to integrate a six-year-old into one of his classes for older students.

[1:04:55] Justin and David agree that they need to do a second part to this episode.

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