S1E12 – Dealing With Impostor Syndrome And How To Work Through It

In this episode, David and Justin take a look at impostor Syndrome. They share some of their experiences with it and offer help to those who may experience it.

[0:39] Justin starts the show off by saying that he is not a fan of the beer he’s drinking: Maui Brewing Company’s Coconut Hiwa Porter.

[4:10] Justin discovers that mocha is not coffee. Actually, what really happened is that David insisted that mocha is chocolate, but what he really meant was that it is a chocolate-flavored variant of a caffè latte. He was trying to simplify it for Justin. In the end neither one of them were 100% correct.

[4:43] David says that he’s drinking Duclaw Brewing Company’s Sweet Baby Jesus chocolate peanut butter porter

[7:41] Justin says that he’s not talking much because he’s trying not to throw up from the taste of his beer.

[9:32] David introduces the topic of the show: impostor syndrome. He says that he was inspired to do the episode because of a question that he received from a fan of the show.

[18:53] David talks about the idea of impostor syndrome and how it manifests in martial arts.

[20:33] David recommends the book, No Pouting in the Dojo, by his friend Cathy Chapaty. In the book Cathy shares stories of her experiences in martial arts, including a good deal of impostor syndrome although it was never named explicitly.

[23:00] Justin shares how he experienced impostor syndrome for a short time when teaching in Bowling Green, Ohio.

[25:25] David shares some of his experiences with impostor syndrome in martial arts.

[32:33] David brings the show back around to the inspiration for the show and talks a bit about his experiences in Iraq – including his experience with a donkey.

[42:49] David offers some advice for those who may currently experience impostor syndrome or for those who may experience it in the future.

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