S1E2 – Our Worst and Favorite Martial Artists

In this episode of Drunken Fist, David and Justin discuss the worst and the best martial artists they’ve known.

[0:21] David barely starts the show before he can express his dislike for Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Edmund Fitzgerald Porter.

[4:02] Justin introduces the topic of the show.

[7:33] David struggles to talk about his “worst martial artist” experience.

[17:43] Justin talks about his “worst martial artist” experience.

[26:42] Justin makes a plea to the Miller Brewing Company to NOT sponsor the Drunkn Fist Podcast.

[27:15] Justin defends Great Lakes Brewing Company dispite David’s dislike of their Edmund Fitzgerald porter.

[27:38] David discusses one of his “favorite martial artists” that he’s worked with.

[30:25] David forgot the name of the art that the person he was talking about did (which was Tapi Tapi Filipno Stick Fighting).

[37:22] Justin discusses one of his “favorite martial artists.”

[49:18] David and Justin talk about the takeaways from their experiences.

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