S1E3 – Types of Martial Arts

In this episode of the Drunken Fist Podcast, Justin and David discuss different types of martial arts and look into the reason why they practice the arts that they currently do.

[0:39] David introduces the topic of the show.

[1:41] David notes that he’s giving Great Lakes Brewing Company a second chance. During this episode he’s decided to try their Holy Moses White Ale.

[2:50] Justin talkes about the different types of martial arts that he’s worked with and practiced over the years.

[17:29] David talkes about the similarities of Wing Chun’s grappling being generally unknown and grappling found in Karate.

[25:26] David goes on a long, winding tangent about the history of Karate.

[38:30] David finally brings his Karate history lesson around to make his point of  aspects of Karate are not as well known by the general martial arts community, much like the grappling aspects of Wing Chun.

[42:17] Justin talkes about the different outlooks on grappling and striking in the different types of martial arts.


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