S1E4 – Martial Arts Training Tips On Your Path To Black Belt

In this episode of the Drunken Fist show, Justin and David discuss different tips they wished they had known about when coming up the ranks towards earning their black belts. They also discuss what it means to be a black belt.

[2:01] David talks about drinking Elevator Brewing’s Mocha Plum Stout.

[4:18] Justin takes a quick sip of his favorite beer, Guinness, then David starts going on about how much he likes the Mocha Plum Stout.

 [5:58] Justin shares that he wished he had YouTube available to him as he was coming up the ranks on his path to black belt.

[11:19] David talks about learning your martial art as it is taught, and at the same time making it your own expression of who you are.

[20:31] David suggests giving yourself permission to be open-minded.

[23:16] Exercising patience is another tip David recommends.

[25:13] Justin and David discuss learning what type of learner you are.

[30:09] Justin tells a story of how he had to use patience to improve as a martial artist.

[36:28] Justin shares what it means to him what it means to be a black belt.

[40:11] David blasts the myth of the idea that earning your black belt means that you’re at the pinnacle.

[44:30] Justin tells a story of wearing a white belt when new students were attending his martial arts club at Bowling Green State University.

[45:39] Justin reminds listeners that when you earn your black belt that you are not at the top of the mountain.

[47:13] David likens earning your black belt to graduating high school.

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