S1E6 – The Mythical History of Wing Chun

This is the episode of the Drunken Fist podcast where Justin and David discuss the mythical history of Wing Chun, Justin and David butcher pronunciations, and David tried to provoke Justin by saying everything Justin just said is mostly fictional.

[0:57] David and Justin give a shout out to Andrew Kennedy and Magdalena Golden for showing their support of the show by becoming the newest members of the Society of Drunken Fans.

[1:30] Justin reads a review of the show on iTunes.

[4:03] Justin shocks David by drinking something other than Guinness. He was drinking the Prescott Brewing Company’s Achocolypse Chocolate Porter from Presscott, Arizona.

[5:07] David waxes philosophically about modern canning technologies.

[7:41] David is drinking another beer from Brew Dog. This time it’s their Cocoa Psycho Russian Imperial Stout.

[9:02] David and Justin reminisce about Justin’s recent visit to Columbus, Ohio, and how they drank Brew Dog’s Elvis Juice Grapefruit Infused IPA for the first time.

[14:50] Justin breaks into a history lesson of Wing Chun.

[33:00] Justin states the possibility of learning Wing Chun for $60 US dollars in China from Ip Man’s son. David immediately decides to book a trip to China – pending verification of Justin’s statement.

[35:31] David tries to cause controversy by suggesting that the most often told history of Wing Chun is fictional.

[45:07] David decides to pull the episode out of the flames of controversy by offering his thoughts on the techniques from Wing Chun that he thinks are good to know for self-defense and/or cross-training in Wing Chun.

[54:34] David decides that the episode isn’t bizarre enough, so he asks Justin if he knows who Master Wong is.

[59:41] David gives a shout out to the fans who listen to the show on Spotify and who are also My Chemical Romance listeners . . . because David apparently doesn’t think that the episode is off-topic enough.

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