S1E7 – What Do You Listen To When Practicing Martial Arts?

This is the episode where David and Justin discuss different types of music, what they listen to when they practice, and how music relates to martial arts.

[1:49] David and Justin discover that they are both drinking Kölsch beers for this episode.

[6:40] David introduces the topic of the episode: Music and Martial Arts.

[8:38] Justin shares that he listens to meditative music when he practices the Wing Chun’s “Little Idea” form.

[10:00] Justin likes to pump his clients and students up with music during workouts – warm-ups.

[10:26] Justin doesn’t play music when he’s doing actual teaching, as he jokenly likens what he teaches to “close-up magic.”

[12:09] David shares that when practicing by himself he’ll listen to anything from 70’s punk, hard rock, death metal, and other things like Pearl Jam and My Chemical Romance.

[16:07] David notes that he only plays music during his Taiji (Tai Chi) classes when he teaches.

[19:55] David shares how he experimented with playing Drum and Bass during some of his KNG – 8th grade classes at the charter school where he teaches.

[23:04] Justin and David talk about the similarities that both martial arts and music have in common.

[24:17] David referres to martial arts as a “rhythm of destruction.”

[28:46] Justin talks about how Bruce Lee allegedly would practice in front of the TV. That comment inspires David for a new topic for an episode of the podcast.

[29:35] Somehow Justin and David start talking about beer again . . . 

[32:07] Just when you think they are about to wrap up, David somehow brings up another topic relating to music and martial arts.

[32:31] Justin talks about XMA (Extreme Martial Arts) when David referres to some styles of martial arts has music intertwined with the styles. David misunderstands what Justin was referring to, and then proceeds to talk about exactly what Justin was talking about.

[32:49] David brings up Capoeria as an example of a martial arts style that is intertwined with music.

[36:31] Justin introduces the idea of doing a seminar in the near future with David.

[39:31] David greatly upsets Justin by saying that he (David) doesn’t like Tool.

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