S1E8 – Martial Arts Training At Home

This is the episode where David and Justin discuss training martial arts at home and what equipment or methods they use to do so.

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[0:25] David starts the show on his high horse by mocking Justin’s inability to open last episode the way that David expects it to be done.

[1:00] Just as David finishes mocking Justin’s opening of episode S1E7 – What Do You Listen To When Practicing Martial Arts?, David demonstrates his own lack of speaking skills by forgetting the basics of the English language when attempting to share what beer he’s drinking.

[1:37] Justin goes way off his normal drinking path and gets into his wife’s wine collection for this episode of the show.

[3:14] David is besides himself by Justin attempt to “do the notes” of the wine.

[4:19] David and Justin get into the topic of the episode, which was inspired by episode seven (noted above).

[5:49] Justin shares that one of his favorite pieces of equipment that he used to use was his mook yan jong, also known as a wing chun wooden dummy. (Here is a link to an example of a mook yan jong from Amazon.com).

[6:58] David talks about how he uses his “Bob” (Body Opponent Bag from Century Martial Arts) with some modifications using exercise bands.

[12:31] David and Justin talk about different types of makiwara, including the kind of makiwara that you can bolt into your wall.

[19:11] Justin talks about how he uses an Iron Palm bag.

[22:07] Justin shares with David how AirSoft pellets can be used to work up to pebbles for finger striking conditioning.

[22:23] David and Justin talk about using mirrors for martial arts training at home.

[25:34] Justin and David talk about using broomsticks or bos for posture feedback.

[28:59] David talks about using focus/reflex ball targets (affiliate link) for hand-eye coordination with striking.

[33:30] Justin and David talk about different finger strengtheners such as the Gripmaster (although David calls it the “MasterGrip”), the Tiger Eagle Claw Catcher, and other finger strengtheners.

[39:43] David and Justin talk about why training your martial art at home is important, and encourage listeners to contact them if they have any questions about traininng martial arts at home.

[42:21] Justin does his damnedest to wrap up the show, and David (in his usual form) points out his shortcomings.

[43:15] Justin ignores David and ends the show.

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