Drunken Fist Fans

Welcome Drunken Fist Fans!

As a Drunken Fist fan, you are aware that we don’t charge money for our podcast. You also know that we don’t have sponsors on our episodes. While the Drunken Fist Podcast is a labor of love, it’s not without its costs. Things like web hosting, bandwidth, recording equipment and software, editing and producing services, etc. can’t be paid with an MP3 with episodes of the show (we know, because we tried).

Instead of taking on sponsors for each episode, and at the suggestion of a few Drunken Fist fans, we’ve decided to give an opportunity to those Drunken Fist fans who wish to offer their financial support. Support from our Drunken Fist fans is what lets us make the show. As little as $1 goes a long way.

Drunken Fist Fan Club

  • The most helpful form of support is in a monthly donation as a member of the Drunken Fist Fan Club.
  • When you become a member of the Drunken Fist Fan Club, you get to connect with your favorite podcast hosts and enjoy exclusive members-only benefits including presale tickets to live events and much more.

I want to join the Drunken Fist Fan Club!

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